DJ Takaki - Live ( DMC JAPAN 2013 Runner-up )


DJ TAKAKI is a world-class turntablist from Tokyo, Japan. After becoming a finalist at the "DMC", the world's biggest turntable competition at the age of 16, he has continued to impress his audience with his originality and advanced musical performances and was ranked 2nd place at both the 2007 and 2013 DMC.

DJ TAKAKI's musical influences are Rock, Electronic and UK Bass Music. His performances are described as aggressive and cutting-edge with his scratching and beat juggling skills, incorporated with his interpretation of music.

He frequently performs at Japan's most popular clubs; ageHa, WOMB, UNIT, and VISION, as well as being a resident DJ at Japanese biggest Drum & Bass party, "Drum & Bass Sessions" where he has played alongside GOLDIE. DJ TAKAKI has also performed at Japan’s biggest rave, METAMORPHOSE.

MONSTER Energy has sponsored DJ TAKAKI to perform at many events, the most notable one being "KEN BLOCK’s TOKYO EXPERIENCE", where he was the main DJ and performed in front of over 4000 people.

DJ TAKAKI has supported many apparel brands such as LACOSTE L!VE.

DJ TAKAKI also provides his music for corporate events and promotional videos. DJ TAKAKI is most definitely one of the rarest and innovative future electronic artist in Japan. Currently his fans are anticipating the release of his upcoming album and debut as a beat maker.

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