This Tokyo 2020 Olympics Logo Concept Is Designed by Preschoolers

After a slight plagiarism-related scandal earlier this year forced initial designs for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics to be decommissioned, design duties have since been put on the table as an open crowdsourced contest. Among the respondents is U.S.-based designer Michael Raisch. As an answer to the public competition, he asked his daughter’s preschool class to help in the design process. Adhering entirely to the official IOC design guidelines, Raisch utilized the artwork by children ranging from three to four years old to create an eye-catching abstract concept. Rendering mock-ups of the logo superimposed on media ranging from billboards to posters to flags, the design is indeed distinctively unique. Although the compositions are ultimately ineligible for the Japanese design contest, as they were created in the U.S., the idea is novel nonetheless and is an interesting take on logo design.

from Hypebeast

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