A Nostalgic Look Back at Some of the Best KAWS x NIGO Collabs

KAWS’s upcoming Uniqlo UT release is nowhere near the first time he teamed up with NIGO.

If you were into streetwear back in the early- to mid-2000s, then you’re undoubtedly pumped for the upcoming KAWS x Uniqlo UT release. The shuttering of KAWS’s ill-fated OriginalFake imprint back in 2013 has meant that we’ve largely been deprived of Donnelly-designed tees over the past couple of years — outside of a few uber-limited drops like last September’s “CLEAN SLATE” release. Thankfully, the forthcoming Uniqlo release will change all that.

Better yet, the endeavor brings the Jersey-born artist and NIGO together once again. Back when KAWS established OriginalFake alongside Medicom Toy in 2006, NIGO was still in his BAPE heyday, churning out some of the most coveted streetwear prior to his more recent HUMAN MADE, adidas and Uniqlo releases. Given A Bathing Ape’s penchant for collaboration, KAWS made an obvious — and welcome — partner, customizing everything from BAPE’s signature logo and 1ST CAMO motif to SHARK hoodies, Bapestas and more.

Above, we take a trip down memory lane at just a few of our favorite KAWS x NIGO drops from OriginalFake’s glory days as we get hype for the duo’s return to form.

Stay tuned for a full look at the upcoming KAWS x Uniqlo UT collection and let us know below which of their previous collabs was your personal favorite.

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