Daido Moriyama's “Color 1970 – 1990” @ Taka Ishii Gallery

Following the “Kiss” exhibition and its black and white photograms, Taka Ishii Gallery are now showing the artist’s less well-known profile: his color works. Thirty photographs were carefully selected in 1996 by Daido Moriyama and Taka Ishii Gallery from the photographer’s archives and assembled into two limited edition portfolios: “Color I” and “Color II.” This selection was exhibited in Tokyo that same year but has never since been displayed. Rarely viewed together, some of the photographs have nevertheless appeared in the photographer’s major publications such as the books “Color” (1993) and “Kagero & Colors” (2007), as well as the leading magazine “Camera Mainichi” or the Japanese edition of “Playboy.” These portfolios are Daido Moriyama’s first attempt to print his photographic images using Iris print. Developed in the 1980s, Iris print is a form of Ink-jet printing that sprays millions of ink particles directly onto printing paper. This giclée process yields very high quality results, giving the finish of the print an appearance of a lithographic work. The high level of color saturation allows the photographer’s uninterrupted work on light and texture to be enhanced.

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