Fred Perry Opens Largest Flagship Store in Tokyo

Fred Perry recently opened up the doors to its largest flagship store to-date in Tokyo’s vibrant Harajuku district, the Japanese home to many of the world’s biggest names. Inspired by aesthetics from the industrial revolution, the stunning 330 square meter space houses numerous floors each catering to varying themes of hospitality and British subcultural experiences. A cozy garrett-esk space decked out with cozy furniture and coffee table books is arranged for loyal customers on the top floor, while the mezzanine floor just below boasts an immersive set of TANNOY’s speakers and LINN’s analogue players. Moving further down you will find the collaboration-dedicated space featuring items from the likes of Raf Simons and Nigel Cabourn alongside a striking wooden counter carved in the shape of the brand’s iconic laurel wreath logo. The ground floor showcases the full lineups from Fred Perry’s men’s, women’s, and kid’s collections, in addition to various accessories and leather goods.

Fred Perry Shop Tokyo
5-9-6 Jingumae
Shibuya, Tokyo

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