McDonald's New Anime Japan - マクドナルド「未来のワタシ」

Sure, we all know what a McDonald’s in real life actually looks and feels like, and it’s sad to say that it’s nothing as whimsical and quaint as what’s depicted in the latest animated advertisement by McDonald’s Japan. That’s not to say it isn’t inspiring in some strange, heartfelt way. The campaign has several different versions, some made according to certain regions, all of which were produced by Studio Colorido and features several voice actors from Japan’s popular girl group, AKB48. For those of you in Japan, perhaps you can let us know in the comment section whether or not this new recruitment campaign, or “Crew ni Narō” — directly translating to “join the crew” — has created a buzz of ardent adolescents queuing to sign up to work at their nearest McDonald’s or not. All in all, it’s a fun watch and definitely something different from the common McDonald’s ads we’re used to. Unfortunately there’s no subtitles yet, but enjoy the visuals nonetheless.

from Hypebeast

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