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PATO BANTON in Tokyo Japan - Report

*PATO BANTON in the TOWN Agaaaaaaaaain♩*


A Bathing Ape Taps 'Jaws' for Its Latest Collaboration

Following the release of its capsule collaboration of goods with Felix the Cat, Japanese streetwear stalwart A Bathing Ape teams up with Steven Spielberg’s Jaws for yet another surprise drop. Arguably the highlight of this latest release is the label’s full-zip hoodie, which features a graphic printed face resembling the giant man-eating white shark along the hood. We also find a selection of T-shirts emblazoned with dual-branding, most notably one which sees the iconic Ape head being devoured by the giant fish. Rounding out the release are a pair of bucket hats with embroidered detailing. Ranging from ¥7,800 JPY (approximately $74 USD) to ¥29,800 JPY (approximately $282 USD), purchase the Jaws x BAPE collaboration from BAPE locations starting June 18.

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Hoshinoya Fuji Is the Best Accomodation to Admire Japan's Most Mystical Mountain

Locals regard Mount Fuji to be the most mystical landmark in Japan, with the Japanese considering it a good omen to even get a clear view of the active volcano during their travels. With this in mind, architect firm Azuma Architect and Associates has produced the best location to admire it, titled Hoshinoya Fuji. The "ryokan" (Japanese for "inn") is a series of small bunker-esque domiciles with minimalistic design cues outside and in -- this is meant to not draw away from the greatest of views out of the floor-to-ceiling windows and from the spacious balconies. Atmosphere-wise, Hoshinoya Fuji's theme to cater to "glampers" provides engulfing natural settings set against modern design fixtures, along with stunning restaurant and lounge areas for those looking to enjoy nature but not stray away too far from convenience and comfort.

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Meet the Artisans Behind Muji's Latest 'Tatazumai' Exhibition

For its “Tatazumai” exhibition next week, Muji will be inviting the designers behind the exposition to its Fifth Avenue store in New York City. The iconic antique dealer who raised the bar on everyday objects to high art, Kazumi Sakata, personally selected the showcase which will feature the work of six artisans specializing in ceramics, glass and wood. This will be the first time “Tatazumai” takes place in the U.S. with the concept initially being introduced in Japan and subsequently in Paris this past fall.

The “Tatazumai” selection will display glass items by artist Kazumi Tsuji, clothing from textiles artist Akiko Ando and kitchen wares from wood craftsman Ryuji Mitani to name a few. Catch the exhibition at Muji’s Fifth Avenue store from June 23 to 26.

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YG Takes BornxRaised to Tokyo for "Born X Krazy" Capsule Collection Video (NSFW)

BornxRaised just released its Tokyo tour video, promoting the label's YG collaboration. With the rapper in tow, the group traversed through Tokyo's party scene in a fun but NSFW video. The collaborative project titled, "Born X Krazy," is a capsule collection based around YG's highly-anticipated sophomore album Still Brazy. The collection will be available online on June 24, and there will be a Still Brazy art installation at 441 North Fairfax in celebration.


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BEAMS Japan Heads to Paris for 12-Day Pop-Up Shop

Parisian fans will be happy to hear that popular Japanese label BEAMS will be making its way to Paris for a pop-up shop. Already a huge presence in Asia with stores in Shanghai, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Beijing, the store has been a longtime stalwart in Japanese streetwear. The pop-up store will feature brands such as Loopwheeler, orSlow and Sasquatchfabrix, in addition to BEAMS’ Made in Japan line. It will run from June 21-July 2 at the White Coats workshop in the Marais district. Learn more here.

BEAMS Japan Paris Pop-Up
38 rue des Blanc Manteaux
Paris, France

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Suehiro Maruo's "Ero Guro" (NSFW)

Suehiro Maruo might be one of the most divisive artist working in manga today. A dizzying combination of macabre, grotesque and erotic, people either love his work or loathe it. This duality may be one of the reasons he remains a king of the "Ero-Guro" -- erotic-grotesque -- today. Read more below View Gallery "Ero Guro" is a term divised to define an art that combines erotica (not pornography, just erotica) with elements of macabre and grotesque, which explains its other name, “erotic-grotesque.” It comes in many forms and shapes, like novels, short stories or movies, but today we are taking interest in the visual arts. Suehiro Maruo is a manga artist who is internationally recognized for its work as an ero guro artist. There is no denying the beauty of Maruo’s images. His sense of composition, his fine line, his attention to detail, it all combines to make his art pure delirium for the eye.

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Erik Parker: "Double Down" @ Nanzuka, Tokyo

One of our favorite painters working today, NYC-based Erik Parker toes the line between psychedelic and comic book art, with an original and unique style with vibrant colors and almost collage-like composition. His latest body of work, "Double Down," is now on display at Nanzuka in Tokyo through July 9, 2016. Parker has been in the magazine a few times in the past few years, as well as doing a mural with Juxtapoz and Converse on the side of Pilgrim Surf + Supply in Brooklyn last year.

The exhibition features a selection of approximately 10 works including distorted new canvas piece that combine two circular forms reminiscent of scenes viewed through binoculars, and painting on pyramid-shaped canvas.

A Bathing Ape & Disney Announce "Mickey Mouse" Collaboration

A Bathing Ape continues its recent run of high-profile collaborations, this time tapping none other than Disney for a limited run of graphic tees. Coinciding with the opening of BAPE's new Disneytown location in Shanghai, the exclusive "Micky Mouse" collection consists of monochrome tees paying home to the iconic mouse character. All of the items will be releasing exclusively at the brand's locations in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan on June 18. For more information head over now.

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Nike's Illustrated History of the Air Rift's Success in Japan

Nike's Air Rift has seen success all across the globe, most notably with Japan's adoption of the sneaker sandal since its inception back in 1996. Above, Nike commemorates the 20-year anniversary with an illustrated historical guide of the Air Rift's key highlights in the Land of the Rising Sun. The pictographs explain its initial inspiration spawning from barefoot runners in Kenya, to its introduction into the Japanese Harajuku fashion world and the releases afterwards. What's most interesting is how Japan found love for the Air Rift due to its similarities to the country's traditional "Tabi" footwear, largely in part for its low profile and split toe design. The illustrations conclude with the return of the Air Rift Breathe collection, an updated model with mesh uppers for maximum comfort and breathability.

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Medicom Toy Taps BAPE, fragment design, UNDERCOVER & More for a T-Shirt Range

2016 marks the 20th anniversary of Medicom Toy so it's only fitting that the revered toy manufacturer rekindles its relationships with some of its most iconic collaborators to date. Following the announcement that the UNDERCOVER Hamburger Lamp was making a return, the Japanese company has unveiled a new T-shirt range comprised of collaborations with BAPE, fragment design, UNDERCOVER, Stussy, NEIGHBORHOOD and STANDARD CALIFORNIA which will be released in anticipation of its 20th Anniversary Exhibition in Omotesando Hills. Iconic graphics from the respective streetwear heavyweights have been revisited with a personal Medicom Toy touch, featuring the company's signature Bearbrick figurine. Anticipate the drop to hit ZOZOTOWN on June 25.

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An Intimate Look Inside Yayoi Kusama's Life

As Yayoi Kusama’s “In Infinity” exhibition opens at the Moderna Museet in Sweden, we’re given an intimate look at the artist’s life that has led her to where she stands today. Most famous for her endless and intricate painting of dots, the video above reveals that what brought her to fame also caused her pain as a young child. Having an obsessive-compulsive disorder, paired with hallucinations, she painted nonstop which deeply angered her mom and family. She ended up moving to New York during the ’50s and used any money she had to buy canvases and paint. “I was always hungry and cold. I wanted to die but kept painting.” Her persistence eventually led her to worldwide recognition, but her ongoing neurosis has led her to live in a psychiatric ward since the ’70s. “Since the dots are so infinitely many, my life has been a constant struggle to create my art,” she quotes. Take a look at the moving clip above and check out “In Infinity” on display until September 9, 2016.

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UNDERCOVER's Beloved Hamburger Lamp Is Back in Black

UNDERCOVER's popular Hamburger Lamp has been a firm favorite amongst collectors ever since its debut back in 2002. Following its re-release last summer, the Japanese streetwear stalwart has brought the quirky item back for this summer but in a predominantly black design which is offset by white details making up the burger's face and fanged teeth. Medicom Toy has announced the collectible will be priced at ¥19,440 JPY (approximately $186 USD) and available for purchase starting June 22 at Isetan Shinjuku, while select UNDERCOVER locations and Medicom Toy retailers will be releasing it on June 25.

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Aaron Kai Blesses The Hundreds Warehouse With Hokusai Wave-Inspired Mural

Enraptured by ocean waves and surfing, artist Aaron Kai returned to The Hundreds homebase in Vernon, California to paint his second mural. The Hawaiian native takes on The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Japanese artist Hokusai and imbues a striking pop art style for a unique rendition. Kai’s creative process for the immense painting at the streetwear brand’s warehouse is not premeditated. Instead, it’s devoid of projections and pre-sketches as the artist wields the brush while wrangling the finished piece in his head.

Due to the outstanding relationship between Kai and The Hundreds, the duo will team up for an upcoming collection that will spotlight the artist’s contemporary designs.

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HARD TECHNO PARTY : MASS 5 @Edition Tokyo - 06/11

Saturday 11th june

MASS - vol.5
techno - hard techno

K.N. ( Original Mass Recordings / HYDRAULIX )
eckoz ( FIX / IMPACT UK)

Second Floor DJs:
Junpei Yokoyama ( COLOR-MUSIC )
EMI ( C-LES Streaming )

Quality Techno Party by DJ K.N., the one and only "MASS"!!

OPEN: 23:00
ENTRANCE: 2,500 yen/1D, W/F 2,000
赤阪8-10-22ニュー新坂ビルB1, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Makoto & Velocity - Human Elements Podcast 32 - 2016/05/10

01. Danny Wheeler - Singing My Love
02. Technimatic - Bristol (DJ Marky Re-boot)
03. Random Movement - In Space, No One Can Hear Your Funk
04. Satl & Malaky - Be Mine
05. Zero T - Essential Inch (Phase Remix)
06. Blade - Universal Rhythm
07. Urbandawn & Bungle - Sacred Floor
08. Alibi, Unreal & Dogface - Dropdead
09. Congo Natty - Junglist (S.P.Y Remix)
10. Serum - Blood Red
11. Random Movement - Savage Brutus
12. DJ Marky - Popcorn
13. Makoto - YGYMC
14. Al Pack - Codename Fury VIP
15. Velocity - Untitiled
16. XRS & Cleveland Watkiss - Breeze


One Love Jamaica Festival 2016 @Tokyo Odaiba (Report)

ABOUT One Love Jamaica Festival 2016

ワンラブジャマイカフェスティバルとは!? ワンラブジャマイカフェスティバルは、毎年東京で開催されるジャマイカと日本の二国間の関係を促進させるイベントです。このフェスティバルは、2004年にジャマイカと日本の国交樹立40周年を記念して始まりました。このフェスティバルは、日本人に深く根付いているジャマイカ発祥のレゲエ音楽への愛の歴史を探求しています。フェスティバルはフードブース、ライブパフォーマンス、カルチャーブースなど他のアクティビティーも催されます。

What is the One Love Jamaica Festival!? The One Love Jamaica Festival is a yearly event held in Tokyo Japan which promotes the relationship between Jamaica and Japan. The inaugural festival was held in 2004 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Jamaica and Japan. The festival explores the deep rooted history in the Japanese’s love for Reggae music which originated in Jamaica. The festival includes food booths, live performances, and cultural booths among other activities.

The festival was on 28th and 29th june 2016. There was a big stage for concerts and 3 small soundsystems. There was also w small market with records shops, rasta stuff, and many good food shops. Great atmosphere during the …