Hoshinoya Fuji Is the Best Accomodation to Admire Japan's Most Mystical Mountain

Locals regard Mount Fuji to be the most mystical landmark in Japan, with the Japanese considering it a good omen to even get a clear view of the active volcano during their travels. With this in mind, architect firm Azuma Architect and Associates has produced the best location to admire it, titled Hoshinoya Fuji. The "ryokan" (Japanese for "inn") is a series of small bunker-esque domiciles with minimalistic design cues outside and in -- this is meant to not draw away from the greatest of views out of the floor-to-ceiling windows and from the spacious balconies. Atmosphere-wise, Hoshinoya Fuji's theme to cater to "glampers" provides engulfing natural settings set against modern design fixtures, along with stunning restaurant and lounge areas for those looking to enjoy nature but not stray away too far from convenience and comfort.

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