Meet the Artisans Behind Muji's Latest 'Tatazumai' Exhibition

For its “Tatazumai” exhibition next week, Muji will be inviting the designers behind the exposition to its Fifth Avenue store in New York City. The iconic antique dealer who raised the bar on everyday objects to high art, Kazumi Sakata, personally selected the showcase which will feature the work of six artisans specializing in ceramics, glass and wood. This will be the first time “Tatazumai” takes place in the U.S. with the concept initially being introduced in Japan and subsequently in Paris this past fall.

The “Tatazumai” selection will display glass items by artist Kazumi Tsuji, clothing from textiles artist Akiko Ando and kitchen wares from wood craftsman Ryuji Mitani to name a few. Catch the exhibition at Muji’s Fifth Avenue store from June 23 to 26.

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