Nike's Illustrated History of the Air Rift's Success in Japan

Nike's Air Rift has seen success all across the globe, most notably with Japan's adoption of the sneaker sandal since its inception back in 1996. Above, Nike commemorates the 20-year anniversary with an illustrated historical guide of the Air Rift's key highlights in the Land of the Rising Sun. The pictographs explain its initial inspiration spawning from barefoot runners in Kenya, to its introduction into the Japanese Harajuku fashion world and the releases afterwards. What's most interesting is how Japan found love for the Air Rift due to its similarities to the country's traditional "Tabi" footwear, largely in part for its low profile and split toe design. The illustrations conclude with the return of the Air Rift Breathe collection, an updated model with mesh uppers for maximum comfort and breathability.

from Hypebeast

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