One Love Jamaica Festival 2016 @Tokyo Odaiba (Report)

ABOUT One Love Jamaica Festival 2016

ワンラブジャマイカフェスティバルとは!? ワンラブジャマイカフェスティバルは、毎年東京で開催されるジャマイカと日本の二国間の関係を促進させるイベントです。このフェスティバルは、2004年にジャマイカと日本の国交樹立40周年を記念して始まりました。このフェスティバルは、日本人に深く根付いているジャマイカ発祥のレゲエ音楽への愛の歴史を探求しています。フェスティバルはフードブース、ライブパフォーマンス、カルチャーブースなど他のアクティビティーも催されます。

What is the One Love Jamaica Festival!? The One Love Jamaica Festival is a yearly event held in Tokyo Japan which promotes the relationship between Jamaica and Japan. The inaugural festival was held in 2004 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Jamaica and Japan. The festival explores the deep rooted history in the Japanese’s love for Reggae music which originated in Jamaica. The festival includes food booths, live performances, and cultural booths among other activities.

The festival was on 28th and 29th june 2016. There was a big stage for concerts and 3 small soundsystems. There was also w small market with records shops, rasta stuff, and many good food shops. Great atmosphere during the week end, many families with kids were here.

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