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The Truth Behind Living, Working, Playing and Surviving in Japan

A guide for anyone spending a good amount of time abroad in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Before acquiring my current position at HYPEBEAST, I was–in one way or another– a lost soul. Graduating from a State University with a Bachelor’s in Communication opened no proverbial doors, nor did the major really guide me in any direction towards a career at the time. “You can do anything, but that’s the problem: you can do ANYTHING,” remarked my counselor during my final semester. “You’re young, your grades are fantastic, and you have extracurriculars. What do you want to do?” At the time I had no real answer, but one thing I knew I wanted to do was travel and see the world I was preparing to lunge into, filled with fears and empty in my pockets. Once my counselor heard the “T” word she slid over a packet for an English language school in Japan called NOVA over to me and my journey had thus begun. “Why not?” I figured, it’s only for a year and if I hated it then I’d be done before I turn 23.�…

Hiroshi Fujiwara Launches Vintage Installation

Hiroshi Fujiwara’s multi-purpose space THE PARK・ING GINZA and Harajuku vintage store BerBerJin have conspired to create a conceptual line of items. The collection consists of used clothes and accessories selected by BerBerJin that have been re-purposed with prints and stitching under the name “ONCE IN A LIFETIME.” College sweatshirts, vintage flannel and T-shirts, bags, pillows, handkerchiefs, and various outerwear pieces serve as a secondhand canvas for this collaboration. Visit the pop-up installation to get your hands on these re-appropriated and rare vintage goods.

5 Chome-3-1 Ginza, Chuo
Tokyo 104-0045, Japan

Kidult's "Visual Rape" Solo Show in Tokyo

Following a provocative teaser promoting his first solo show titled “Visual Rape,” graffiti artist Kidult opened the exhibition for a mere 48 hours over the weekend in Tokyo. On display was a miniature replica of the Paris Chanel store he famously tagged back in 2013, a wall of posters featuring Donald Trump sporting a Supreme tee a la Morrissey, as well as other pieces of artwork eschewing government corruption and consumerism. Also, a figure tearing a Goldman Sachs sign in pursuit of cash, to the Coca Cola slogan rewritten to state “Enjoy Ebola” were just a few of the boundary-pushing items tackling corporate greed.

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Takashi Murakami x NEXT5 Sake

If you are a fan of Takashi Murakami and have visited Japan in the past, you may have made a stop at Bar Zingaro, the spirits section that connects his galleries in the Nakano Broadway mall in Tokyo. He now has his own line of sake to serve his customers with the recent release of a collaboration with NEXT5 Sake. All the different versions of bottles are adorned with the Japanese artist’s signature flower motif, but the ceramic bottles will come in three colors (gold ones signed by the artist himself). Take a look at more photos from the launch below as well as some associated artwork he’s been working on in the studio…

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Studio Visits: Tomoo Gokita

Only few weeks before opening his second solo show with Mary Boone Gallery in New York, Tomoo Gokita gave us a peek inside his Tokyo studio. Among all the new artworks ready to be shipped to the US, we were able to enjoy this stimulating place and all the various bits from which the Japanese artist is getting his inspiration.

Out Of Sight will be Gokita’s second show with the gallery since his 2014 show (covered). For this exhibition he prepared a whole new series of monochromatic paintings that evoke a fictional world of vintage starlets and gangsters. Mostly large in size, the pieces were created with gallery’s spacious Chelsea location in mind. Though primarily inspired by the retro films and photographs, they also feature elements of popular Japanese culture. Contemporary Japanese comics (manga), graphic novels (gekiga) or even monsters (kaiju), can be found all around the studio, along with vintage US magazines, large piles of books and an impressive record collection. As a …

Matthew McConaughey Ventures Into Japan's Suicide Forest in Gus Van Sant's Upcoming Drama

Aokigahara Forest, otherwise known as the “The Sea of Trees,” is the setting of the upcoming film with the same name. Famed director Gus Van Sant (Good Will Hunting, Milk, Elephant) envisions the lost souls of Matthew McConaughey and Ken Watanabe within the vast forest at the base of Japan’s most iconic landmark: Mt. Fuji. There, Arthur Brennan and Takumi Nakamura must come to terms with their struggles in life through self reflection, while dealing with both emotional and physical survival needs within the haunted grounds of Japan’s notorious suicide forest. Naomi Watts co-stars in the upcoming drama that will, as with all Gus Van Sant films, challenge the life decisions within all who experience his work.

The Sea of Trees premieres on August 26 in theaters.

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Kidult Unveils Sculpture and Address to His 48 Hour Tokyo Show

On the subject of consumerism, Kidult does little to hold back when sharing a piece of his mind, defacing high-end luxury stores to streetwear’s most revered retailers. Whether you applaud his work — like Kanye did — or find it absurd, there’s no denying the graffiti artist’s vandalism career to have an impact on street culture. Kidult’s recent work unveiled a slightly disturbing clip teasing his upcoming ephemeral show in Tokyo. The clip rounds out with a miniaturized sculpture of Chanel’s tagged store in flames, a mock-up that’ll release in light of his forthcoming outing on August 27. Signed and numbered by hand, the black sculpture is limited to 50 pieces and will only be available at the Tokyo launch and the white version is limited to 200 pieces and will be available worldwide on August 27 from Kidult’s webpage. The “Visual Rape” 48-hour show will be open to the public at the address provided below.

Visual Rape
5-11-5 Jingumae
Tokyo 150-0001

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Madsaki's Signature Smiley Faces Hit Tokyo's Hidari Zingaro This Weekend

Madsaki’s signature smiley faces have always had a bit of a sinister, subversive edge to them thanks to their dripping eyes and mouths and applications to portraits of world leaders like Vladimir Putin. Now the Japanese artist is bringing his works to Hidari Zingaro, teaming up with the gallery to open “HICKORY DICKORY DOCK.” The Japanese painter’s brand new solo exhibition, “HICKORY DICKORY DOCK” will showcase a ton of Madsaki originals — including the artist’s Homage to Takashi Murakami, which was created back in February. The nod to Murakami and its setting at Hidari Zingaro are all the more hilarious given that some of Murakami’s original floral artworks — the inspiration behind Homage — decorate the walls of Bar Zingaro on the second floor. The work isn’t supposed to be some dig, though — Murakami and Madsaki have teamed up a number of times in the past and Murakami is just one of the artists Madsaki imitated with “WANNABIE’S” last year.

“HICKORY DICKORY DOCK” opens this Satur…

『VIVE Mexico Opening Fiesta』@Café 4273 : 09/03

Saturday 3rd September 2016


Mexican Food and drinks , Sales and Art by HembraMala Chalupa , DJ, RIFAS and more ...
CINEMA : HECHO EN MÉXICO ( In spanish with english subtitles)
Mexican Danse by "México en la piel"
DJ Saza and Músic for danse.


Time : 18:00 - 22:00 hours
Admission: ¥ 1.500 *
* Welcome Tequila or Soft Drink.

@Café 4273
4 Chome - 27.03 - Kuramae , Taito, Tokyo 5 min . walk from Kuramae Station

AMBUSH Is Opening Its First Flagship Storefront Next Month

Verbal and Yoon are set to open a brand new brick-and-mortar location next month with the introduction of AMBUSH WORKSHOP. AMBUSH’s very first flagship, WORKSHOP will hit Tokyo right where Shibuya and Harajuku collide and will be home to everything from the label’s signature jewelry and accessories to its growing range of apparel — including its upcoming Fall/Winter 2016 collection. And since the space was designed by Masamichi Katayama and the renowned Wonderwall (who recently helmed LOOPWHEELER’s “vintage service” concept), you know it’ll be something to behold.

Stay tuned for a look inside and expect AMBUSH WORKSHOP to open its doors September 2.

1-22-8 Shibuya-ku Shibuya

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Krusty the Clown - Bearbrick

Following the likes of Bart and Homer, the latest The Simpsons character to receive the Bearbrick treatment is long-time host of Bart and Lisa’s favorite TV show Krusty the Clown. The flamboyant and eccentric personality, partially inspired by television clown Rusty Nails, is reimagined as the toy bear form right down to recognizable features such as his bow-tie, red bulbous nose and turquoise hair. Available in both 100% and 400% sizes, the Krusty the Clown Bearbrick will be available for order today at Medicom Toy’s webstore.

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BASS party : SUMMER MATSURI @TRUMP ROOM Shibuya - 08/27

Saturday 27 august 2016

electro - bass music - techno - hip hop - dubstep - trap

WHITE RABBIT is celebrating the summer of 2016 with the HOTTEST SUMMER MATSURI party on August 27th at the legendary Trump Room.
Come get half naked one last time and join us for the OFFICIAL Trump Room SUMMER MATSURI party of 2016 with the best in TECHNO, HIP HOP AND BASS MUSIC!
Dance to the best in international and local talent with 16DJs, 2 floors of madness, and FREE SHOTS throughout the night!

8/27₍土₎、あの伝説的なTrump Roomでアツい2016年の夏をWHITE RABBITと共に祝おう!

// DJs //

Door: 2500
Facebook: 1500

From 11pm till 5am

@Trump Room
神南1-12-14 星ビル301, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0041