Madsaki’s signature smiley faces have always had a bit of a sinister, subversive edge to them thanks to their dripping eyes and mouths and applications to portraits of world leaders like Vladimir Putin. Now the Japanese artist is bringing his works to Hidari Zingaro, teaming up with the gallery to open “HICKORY DICKORY DOCK.” The Japanese painter’s brand new solo exhibition, “HICKORY DICKORY DOCK” will showcase a ton of Madsaki originals — including the artist’s Homage to Takashi Murakami, which was created back in February. The nod to Murakami and its setting at Hidari Zingaro are all the more hilarious given that some of Murakami’s original floral artworks — the inspiration behind Homage — decorate the walls of Bar Zingaro on the second floor. The work isn’t supposed to be some dig, though — Murakami and Madsaki have teamed up a number of times in the past and Murakami is just one of the artists Madsaki imitated with “WANNABIE’S” last year.

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