Japanese Label CITERA® Officially Launches Its Very First Collection

Previously Hiroshi Fujiwara teased the launch of CITERA® on Ring of Color, a new fashion unit based on “Active Transfer Wear” and jointly curated by former visvim desginer Naoki Ei and lifestyle brand LOWERCASE’s creative director Yoshikage Kajiwara. The venture has now dropped the first collection on its online store, which features technical clothing that optimizes daily comfort. The lineup embraces minimalism with an array of popular urban designs, including the likes of a clean-cut tech light coat, wave pants and CM hoodie & sweater. Additionally, having culled essence from visvim’s Ballistic Backpack, three bag models Walker Pack, Egg Plant Pack and Trick Pack are added in line to top off the collection. Operating without a physical store, the label will rely on online retail entirely.

from Hypebeast

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