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BAPE® CAMO が落とし込まれたカスタム Yeezy Boost 350 をチェック

「El Cappy(@elcappy)」こと「Eric “Mahfuckin” Lowry」が制作した、「Yeezy Boost 350 “Moonrock”」に〈A BATHING APE®〉のアイコニックなBAPE® CAMOパターンを落とし込んだカスタムシューズにクローズアップ。グレイやダークネイビーカラーを用いたBAPE® CAMOが違和感なく馴染んだ、スニーカーヘッズにとっては夢のような一足に仕上がっている。

ちなみにこのスペシャルな「Yeezy Boost 350 ”BAPE® CAMO”」はスニーカーヘッズであるリッチボーイ「Frankie Gomez(@iamfrankieg)」のために制作されたもの。「El Cappy」のInstagramでは他にも様々なカスタムシューズがチェックできるので、気になった方はフォローしてみてはいかがだろうか。

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Junya Watanabe's Never-Ending Quest to Reinvent Clothing

Junya Watanabe Interview The New York Times Alexander Fury

Junya Watanabe is a notoriously press shy designer, but the Japanese creator opens up to The New York Times‘ Alexander Fury about his work and legacy. Starting off as a pattern cutter to Rei Kawakubo’s COMME des GARÇONS, Watanabe moved on to start his own eponymous label in 1992, before presenting his first collection in Paris the year after. Since then, the designer has been a name in fashion, known for his unending quest in reworking garments and reinventing silhouettes. Head over to The New York Times to read the full interview, and check out an excerpt below.

Watanabe is 55; his company is 24. The day we met, he wore a black Lacoste polo shirt, shorts and horn­-rimmed glasses that gave a decided intellectual slant to his appearance. “Intellectual” is an adjective often used to describe Watanabe’s clothes, usually by journalists. What they mean is that his clothes are complex, complicated to make, sometimes complicated to w…


『Thrasher』より、“Jaws”こと「Aaron Homoki(アーロン・ホモキ)」が東京・渋谷の某スポットをヒットした際の姿を捉えたショートクリップが登場。

スケートブランド〈DGK〉の創設者の1人であり、プロスケーターの「Stevie Williams(スティービー・ウィリアムス)」が主宰するアパレルブランド〈Asphalt Yacht Club(AYC)〉のジャパンツアーで今年の5月に来日した“Jaws”。土地勘のある人ならすぐにピンと来ると思うが、そのスポットは渋谷の中でも特に人通りが激しい場所にあり、その特大オーリーのメイクまでの過程に色々と事件が勃発していたようだ。

ちなみにビデオ内には偶然そこ居合わせたというファッションデザイナー「Tommy Hilfiger(トミー・ヒルフィガー)」も登場。まずはそのインパクト抜群な“Jaws”のハンマートリックを上からチェックして欲しい。

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These Are Streetwear’s Most Iconic Mascots

In streetwear today, it’s not just the clothes and shoes that have garnered much attention from on-lookers and fans, it’s the mere effect of imagery, which when used properly, can evoke certain emotions and the essence of an entire brand in one single look. In fashion, a well-designed logo can leave a lasting and memorable impression, having the power to influence the public even without the aid of words. As more than just a design to splash across T-shirts or sew on a tag, it has to stand out and more importantly stand for something while revealing a company’s vibe, values and history. While logos have gone on to represent some of the most powerful brands in the world – think Nike’s Swoosh and adidas’s Three Stripes – sometimes it’s not just the logos, but the loveable characters behind the brand that have become the popular culture mainstays. Here we’ve complied a list of streetwear’s most iconic characters, so large in personality that one look is instantaneously synonymous to th…

Le Lent déclin des gangs de bikers japonais

Les gangs de bikers japonais, plus connus sous le nom de bosozoku, font des ravages depuis les années 1970. Parcourant les routes sur leurs bécanes personnalisées, ils se livrent aussi à des guerres avec des gangs rivaux et la police.
Être membre de l'un de ces gangs dont chacun avait sa propre tenue de pilote revenait à vivre à tombeau ouvert. Les jeunes étaient recrutés par les aînés et on leur apprenait à défendre coûte que coûte la réputation du gang.
Ces dernières années, des lois plus strictes et une activité policière plus ciblée ont presque fait disparaître les bosozoku. Mais chez ceux qui ont fait partie de la mouvance pendant son âge d'or, les souvenirs d'une jeunesse dangereuse sont indélébiles.
VICE Japon a suivi d'anciens membres de gangs de motards afin d'en savoir plus sur les heures de gloire de cette sous-culture qui se meurt.

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THE PARK · ING GINZA & bonjour records Collaborate on a New Capsule

After joining forces with Jakarta-based PLEASURE for a three-way collaboration last month, THE PARK · ING GINZA and bonjour records unveil a new range of co-branded items for the fall season. A trio of font-focused designs including hoodies, T-shirts and tote bags are executed with blue print, while a more minimal embroidered pocket tee featuring a traffic cone has also been made available. All items are available for purchase now from bonjour records’ Ginza location, which happens to be located just a floor above Hiroshi Fujiwara’s concept store.

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"POGGY'S BOX" Heads to Isetan Shinjuku for TOKYO MEN'S FEST 2016

UNITED ARROWS & SONS director Motofumi “Poggy” Kogi is bringing his unique funk flair to Isetan Shinjuku for TOKYO MEN’S FES, a workshop-style event with some of the city’s most influential fashion figures. Like he had previously done at THE PARK ING GINZA shortly after its opening, the “POGGY’S BOX” installation will feature a dapper selection of sartorial street attires from the likes of ART COMES FIRST, Pigalle, THE STYLIST JAPAN and 5525gallery‘s recent collaboration with PORTER. In addition, some of Poggy’s original designs will also be available for purchase at the department store. Check out some of the goods above and make sure to head over to Isetan Shinjuku to see it for yourself starting September 20.

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BAPE Teases Upcoming Project With Coca-Cola

After producing a capsule collection back in 2014, which included hoodies to watches to yo-yos, BAPE and Coca-Cola are joining forces once again. The Japanese streetwear brand took to Instagram to tease a collaborative design with its iconic ape head sipping from a classic Coke bottle, akin to its preceding announcement. Set against a camo background overlaid with Coca-Cola’s logo in various languages, the image magnifies the global influence of the beverage brand, which has garnered numerous partnerships with fashion brands in the past. Be sure to check back for more updates on this forthcoming collaboration.

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A 3D-Printed Map of Tokyo in 100 Pieces

One Hundred Tokyo is a project helmed by iJet Inc., a 3D printing company, which aims to recreate Japan’s capital in the form of 100 ten by ten centimeter squares at a scale estimate of 1:12500. Using digital cartographic data gathered from ZENRIN, a provider for Google Maps and Microsoft, the city’s detailed landscape was captured using specialized vehicles. The miniature replicas are created using gypsum powder coated in a special resin in order to mold the shape, then coated once again in resin paint to achieve the colorized skyline. In order to implement this ambitious initiative, the team has launched a Kickstarter campaign where backers can receive anywhere from a single piece, to the complete 100-piece model of the metropolis. Each square also comes with magnetic backing so you can affix them onto the fridge or other metal surfaces. Take a look at the video below and visit the campaign on Kickstarter now.

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Grindhouse Halloween @shibuya's trump room - 10/28

Friday 28th october 2016

Grindhouse Halloween

All floors OPEN, 18+ DJ's, and special INTERNATIONAL GUEST PERFORMERS will play the best in BASS MUSIC, HIP HOP, and TECHNO while we give out FREE SHOTS throughout the night!


Door: ¥3000
Facebook guestlist: ¥2500/1D (MUST CLICK "GOING")

from 11pm till 5am

@Trump Room
神南1-12-14 星ビル301, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0041

The Best BAPE Animation Collabs of 2016

As far as collaborations go, few have accomplished such a feat in quite the same manner and flare as has BAPE. Founded by none other than Japanese streetwear stalwart NIGO, the company’s proclivity towards creative mashups likely stems from its creator’s sensitivity towards pop culture’s many genres. Most revered for his ties to the fashion world, NIGO from the jump has instilled a love for loud, eclectic designs which has now become the brands signature aesthetic. Moreover, the gifted visionary has also shown a keen interest to the culinary world, initiating such ventures as CURRY UP and 2-5 Café as well as to the hip-hop landscape having released an album in what seemed like another lifetime ago. Coming a long way from the early days of having to give away merch in order to cultivate brand awareness, BAPE has since released a breadth of cooperative ventures with other such entities sitting steady a top its respective domains. From such names as Pepsi, Coca Cola, COMME des GARÇONS…

FAFI's party @MISS FALINE in Tokyo

French artist Fafi released a new mural on the shop Miss Faline in Omotesando.
For the occasion, here was an event on last thursday where Fafi also presented her new prints and clothes in collaboration with Faline.
The photograph Yone, Pedro Winter and many more came at the party.

Nintendo Announces Famicom Mini Console for Japan

As the rest of the world receives the NES Mini in November, fans in its home country are getting their very own teensy retro console as well, the mini Famicom. The mini Famicom is a shrunken version of the original NES the company released back in 1983, and just like the NES for the west, the piece fits perfectly into the palm of your hand. Consoles come pre-loaded with 30 8-bit games and two wired controllers while the AC adapter is sold separately. The mini Famicom will be available in Japan on November 10 for ¥5,980 JPY (approximately $59 USD).

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Verbal and Yoon of AMBUSH Design Talk About Their Beginnings With No Vacancy Inn

AMBUSH Design founders Verbal and Yoon sit down with No Vacancy Inn and discuss their chance and humble beginnings. The couple chronicle how they built AMBUSH Design not coming from a fashion background and their understanding of the importance of keeping things organic. In addition, the two also open up about the way their relationship carries over into their brand. Listen to the in-depth interview via SoundCloud below to learn more about the eccentric couple.

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Gritty Street Photos of Tokyo in the 70s and 80s

Masatoshi Naito is an acclaimed Japanese photographer whose work has been exhibited internationally since the 60s at places like the MoMA and the Barbican. While he's often known for Ba Ba Bakuhatsu (Grandma Explosion) , a project documenting Japanese asceticism, rites, and folklore practiced in the mountain region Tohoku, his documentation of Japanese street scenes from 1970 through 1985 reveal another subculture, of sorts, in Japan.

Published in 1985 and reissued this year by Super Labo, Tokyo: A Vision of Its Other Side imagines the metropolis as a "huge life form," and the images within unearth a less common side of the organism, so to speak. Naito documented the disenfranchised population of Tokyo, such as the homeless, sex workers, and alcoholics—"those who dwell in the darkest and innermost areas of the city."

Masatoshi Naito wrote the following about the photo book:

It was from 1970 to 1985 when I intensively photographed Tokyo. Japan was …