MADSAKI’s solo exhibition, “HERE TODAY, GONE TOMORROW” was open at Kaikai Kiki Gallery from May 19, 2017.

MADSAKI was born in 1974 in Osaka, Japan. After immigrating to the melting pot known as New York at a young age and graduating from Parsons School of Design, he worked as a member of the international artist group Barnstormers before starting his solo career based in Tokyo and New York, ranging from elaborative drawings to huge installations. In recent years he has drawn on provocative words and historic masterpieces in his work as a way of asking questions about the meaning of art and the value of artwork from an ironical point of view.

In August 2016, MADSAKI’s solo exhibition titled “HICKORY DICKORY DOCK” was held at Hidari Zingaro in Nakano Broadway, Tokyo. Presented works include some canvases in which he appropriated an overwhelming variety of images that flood our society such as movie scenes from the past, portraits of politicians and flower motif paintings by artist Takashi Murakami, along with a series of paintings composed of provocative and satirical phrases. The transcendental absurdness of his spray paintings over the underlying awareness of political and social issues became a big topic in the local art scene.

In this exhibit, located at the Kaikai Kiki Gallery, the artist will expand upon a new series where he experiments with a more private, self-referencing approach in which he chose his wife as his subject. The expressly Japanese background and eroticism are elements we have never seen in his work and reflect the sentiment of an artist like MADSAKI, whose complex identity spanning both Japan and the United States embraces the street culture of NY and his experience there as a bike messenger. With this new form of expression, MADSAKI attained a quality of a fine piece of literature where he depicts his own personal life through an insight into the fleeting, transient nature of everyday life, and with the rebellious spirit at the same time.

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