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Japanese kids drawing MR.A (André Saraiva)

Japanese kids and french kids had fun drawing André Saraiva's MR.A !!!!

Gilles Peterson @Contact Tokyo : 11/03

Gilles Peterson (Brownswood Recordings | Worldwide FM | UK)
Toshio Matsuura

Jazz Brothers (Yama a.k.a. Sahib & vinyl DJ Eiji Takehana)
Yoshihiro Okino (Kyoto Jazz Massive | Especial Records)
Dazzle Drums (Nagi & Kei Sugano)

『80年代よりダンスジャズ~アシッドジャズ~クラブジャズシーンのキーパーソンとして活躍しているGilles Petersonが、都内クラブでは3年振りとなるロングセットでContactに初登場』

自身が主宰するインディペンデント・レーベルBrownswood Recordingsはスタートから11年、常に新しい音楽やアーティストを世に送り出してきた。毎年南仏で開催しているWorldwide Festivalはその音楽のクオリティの高さでヨーロッパを飛び越え世界中で大評判となっている。そして、昨年スタートさせたインターネットラジオ・プラットフォームWorldwide FMは9月に1周年を迎えた。

「Gilles Peterson, the key person in Dance Jazz ~ Acid Jazz ~ Club Jazz since the 80’s, returns to Tokyo for the first time in 3 years to make his debut at Contact for a long set.」

Since the beginning of his independent label “Brownswood Recordings” 11 years ago, he has been introducing new music and artists to the world. His annual Worldwide Festival…

Koichi Sato : Living in America @Bill Brady Gallery

Bill Brady Gallery is pleased to present 'Living in America'a solo exhibition of paintings by Koichi Sato.

Koichi moved from Tokyo to New York when he was 19 years old. After living America for 25 years and experiencing American television, comics, music, food and culture he began painting the America as he saw it. Koichi is self-taught and has no formal art training as a painter and yet his style would make the viewer see otherwise. Portraits of Astronauts, Cheerleaders, Gangs, Police, Models, Baseball players and Bodybuilders grace the canvases almost like a yearbook of American life and beyond. His depiction of American society especially during this time in our country is welcomed with humor and delight.


Tomoo Gokita was born in 1969 in Tokyo. He gained attention in the late 90’s for his extemporarily produced drawing works. In recent years he has created abstract paintings that simultaneously pay heed to specific motifs, including portraits which appropriate the colors of black and white. As well as being involved in a vast number of publication activities and exhibitions within Japan, he has participated in solo and group exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, and Berlin; continuing to receive high international acclaim. Taka Ishii Gallery presented solo exhibition with Gokita in 2008, 2012 and 2017. In 2012 he participated in the group exhibition, “The Unseen Relationship: Form and Abstraction” at the Kawamura Memorial DIC Museum of Art. Publications include LINGERIE WRESTLING, (Little More Co.Ltd., 2000)

French gallery Perrotin in Tokyo

If you go now, you can see Paola Pivi's solo exhibition "They all look the same". Also japanese artists Takashi Murakami and Madsaki collaboration.

Tadao Ando @The National Art Center in Tokyo

The National Art Center in Tokyo Celebrates Tadao Ando's Life and Architecture

The show features over 200 items, including a full-scale model of the architect's Church of the Light and a partial recreation of his personal studio.

The National Art Center in Tokyo opens “Tadao Ando: Endeavors,” an exhibition centered on the life and works of Japanese contemporary architect Tadao Ando, Hon. FAIA. Ando's self-taught, minimalist architecture is associated with bare geometric forms that are free of ornamentation, but rich in depth and character. The former boxer turned architect brings life into the simple lines of his projects through integrating natural elements such as light, water, and wind. His structures, for the most part, utilize widely accessible materials such as concrete, steel, and glass.

Divided into six sections, the show features over 200 images, sketches, and drawings of some of Ando’s most popular projects in Japan, such as the Row House (1976), the C…

Rey parla exhibition : “INTENTIONS” at Clear Edition in Tokyo

"INTENTIONS" by Rey Parla
CE&G is highly pleased to announce INTENTIONS, the rst solo exhibition of Brooklyn-based artist Rey Parlá in Tokyo, presenting his latest positions in photography and lm made in Tokyo and New York City.