Timothy Curtis : Laugh Now, Laugh Later: Painted Drawings @ZIngaro Cafe

Hidari Zingaro is pleased to present “Laugh Now, Laugh Later: Painted Drawings”, a solo exhibition by Timothy Curtis opening on Thursday, November 23rd.

Hidari Zingaroでは、11月23日(木)より、Timothy Curtis個展「Laugh Now, Laugh Later: Painted Drawings」を開催致します。

Thur., Nov. 23 – Tue., Dec. 5, 2017
*Reception open from 18:00 on opening day
*Closed on Wednesdays

From Takashi Murakami

Kaikai Kiki will be holding a solo exhibition by Timothy Curtis at our Hidari Zingaro space in Nakano, Tokyo. I first saw his artwork through @Juxtapozmag’s introduction page on Instagram. Following that I visited his page @timothy.curtis, and then I went to meet him at his studio in NY and we started talking about an exhibition. Our conversation went quite swimmingly as did our p lans and now we are able to do this exhibition. Nakano’s galleries character is centered on exhibitions focused on street art, graffiti, alternative artists, and written works. This this time round we intend on having Timothy bringing the heart of NY to Tokyo! Please look forward to it!
-Takashi Murakami

東京中野のカイカイキキ運営のギャラリーHidari Zingaroでは、ティモシー・カーティスの個展を行います。そもそも彼を知ったのは、InstagramのJuxtapoz Magazineのページでの紹介コーナーを見てのこと。本人のページにもアクセスして、NYの彼のスタジオまで会いに行って、展覧会の話をしたら、とんとん拍子で決まって行って、今回展覧会が出来る事になりました。中野のギャラリーはストリートアートやグラフィティ、オルタナティブな作家、作品を中心に展覧会を構成してきてますが、今回のティモシーさんはNYど真ん中の空気を東京に運んでくれるでしょう!お楽しみに!

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