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Takashi Murakami X Madsaki prints on sell at Oz Zingaro

Sunday 24th of december, at Oz Zingaro in Nakano Broadway, Japanese artists Takashi Murakami X Madsaki prints that were released earlier at Complexcon in Los Angeles, were sold again in 3 colors + a new color : a pink one. There were 100 pinks one and only 20 of the 3 others. I went there at 12pm as it was announced but actually, due to chinese flippers, they started giving tickets at 10am to be able to buy something.

Art Exhibition ”Rolling Slow “ fly away mick park @Trunk Hotel

Art Exhibition ”Rolling Slow “
fly away mick park

Born in Tokyo 1961, Mick Park studied sculpture at Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz California and after graduating college moved to New York for a year.
Returning to Tokyo, he began his photo career at Fashion News Studio, assisting William Klein, Elsken, Pamela Hanson, Herb Ritts and many more.
Mick has been a freelance photographer since 1989 and focuses on documentary image.

SK8easy by mickpark
Makes skateboard parts of your life.Friendly to human & nature.Also has a valuable design.SK8easy was born for grown-ups with strong passion for skateboarding.
Rolling Slow
Have the same feelings while on a skateboard as if you`re on a surfboard.
Ride skateboard on the fresh wood with bare foot.
With a little push,cruise smoothly without limits on a native wood that catches messages from the ground directly to the rider.
You would be amazed with this new sensation, but for some reason it makes you feel nostalgi…

spiral take art collection 2017 “SHU SHU SHU SHOW”

spiral take art collection 2017 “SHU SHU SHU SHOW”

An art fair for everyone, featuring amazing exhibits selected by creative industries experts

After pioneering an accessible style of art fair from 1988 to 2005, presenting unique opportunities for anyone to buy and collect art as part of their daily lives, spiral take art collection makes its long-awaited return to Tokyo for the first time in 12 years. The fair re-launches in 2017 as Shu Shu Shu Show, sharing the joy and appeal of collecting art through a sophisticated selection of galleries that offer everything from the very best contemporary art to antiques, books, crafts, and more. Whether you want to browse the exhibits or hunt for the next artwork to add to your collection, whether you’re a first-time buyer or an experienced connoisseur, spiral take art collection 2017 Shu Shu Shu Show has a world of wonders waiting to be discovered.


Check the new song of japanese band ENERGISH GOLF : Karate

POP and STREET opening party @Wag Gallery Harajuku

Yesterday from 6 was the opening party of POP and STREET currated by HIDDEN CHAMPION. Many artists came to the party and the atmosphere was very nice. Japanese photographer was also here and very friendly. he presented new artworks.

Featuring artists :
Beejoir | Calligrapher Mami | D*FACE | DEMSKY | DOLK | face | Houxo Que | Imaone | Mark Drew | Meguru Yamaguchi | MHAK as Masahiro Akutagawa | Nick Walker | SAND NAOKI | Shun Sudo | Tadaomi Shibuya | TENGAone | Tetsunori Tawaraya | Tohru Matsushita | Usugrow | WONABC | Yasumasa Yonehara | Yoon Hyup | YOSHI47 | Yudai Nishi | ZEDZ (A to Z)

西武渋谷店「pop & street」展と、WAG GALLERY「an annual」展が合同開催


今回は、アート&カルチャーマガジン『HIDDEN CHAMPION』監修のもと、【西武渋谷店】および【WAG GALLERY】の2会場での共同企画となります。現在活躍中のアーティストの作品を一堂にご紹介しますので、この機会にぜひ足をお運びください。

住所:東京都渋谷区神宮前4-26-28 JUNK YARD 3F
オープニングレセプション:12月19日(火) 18:00〜21:00