20/20 challenges artists, designers, and other creatives to quickly answer 20 questions from the gut. This week Art Contributor Will Leung ( chats with artist Tomoo Gokita, well known for his grayscale depictions of pop culture references, celebrity headshots, or pornographic magazines. The Tokyo-based artist comes from a graphic design background and was originally inspired by his love for manga and animation - influences that inform his style which feels all at once organic yet technically precise. His work is currently on display at the in New York until December 22nd. He will show with for the first time when the gallery exhibits his work during the Art Basel Miami Beach Fair next week.

Favorite artist
Francis Picabia

First art bought
Jun Tsunoda

Favorite beer

Favorite place to visit in New York
A1 Record Shop

Who or what inspires your painting?
Porno magazine and wrestling magazines and newspapers

Favorite Karaoke song
I don’t like karaoke

Favorite food

What was your first job?
Clean floor in office and school at 17-18 years old

What was last job?
Graphic design for record and CD covers and fashion ads...the last project I worked on from that job was a Kiyoshi Ro CD cover...

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
Bathroom and then cig

What phone are you using?
AU Marvera flip phone

Where would you like to live if not Japan?
A long time ago I wanted to live in NYC, but now I’m married with two children--so now nowhere.

Favorite rapper of all time
Curtis Blow

Last movie you saw that you really liked
Get Out

Cat or dog?

Last museum you visited
MoMA last year

Next family vacation
Hot Spring Izu

Advice to a young artist
No advice

If you were not an artist what would you be?
Shoe maker

Advice to kids
Be good people

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