POP and STREET opening party @Wag Gallery Harajuku

Yesterday from 6 was the opening party of POP and STREET currated by HIDDEN CHAMPION. Many artists came to the party and the atmosphere was very nice. Japanese photographer was also here and very friendly. he presented new artworks.

Featuring artists :
Beejoir | Calligrapher Mami | D*FACE | DEMSKY | DOLK | face | Houxo Que | Imaone | Mark Drew | Meguru Yamaguchi | MHAK as Masahiro Akutagawa | Nick Walker | SAND NAOKI | Shun Sudo | Tadaomi Shibuya | TENGAone | Tetsunori Tawaraya | Tohru Matsushita | Usugrow | WONABC | Yasumasa Yonehara | Yoon Hyup | YOSHI47 | Yudai Nishi | ZEDZ (A to Z)

西武渋谷店「pop & street」展と、WAG GALLERY「an annual」展が合同開催


今回は、アート&カルチャーマガジン『HIDDEN CHAMPION』監修のもと、【西武渋谷店】および【WAG GALLERY】の2会場での共同企画となります。現在活躍中のアーティストの作品を一堂にご紹介しますので、この機会にぜひ足をお運びください。

住所:東京都渋谷区神宮前4-26-28 JUNK YARD 3F
オープニングレセプション:12月19日(火) 18:00〜21:00

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