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BAR ZINGARO @Nakano Broadway, Tokyo

Check out the new art stuff from Takashi Murakami at Bar Zingaro in Nakano Broadway, Tokyo.

snipe1個展 : “METAVIRUS” don’t say it, spray it @Hidari Zingaro

Hidari Zingaro is pleased to announce that on February 24, Saturday, it will be opening snipe1’s first solo exhibition, “‘METAVIRUS’ don’t say it, spray it.”

A pioneer among Japanese graffiti writers, snipe1 has been active since the dawn of Japan’s graffiti scene and threw himself into the graffiti world of early 1990s New York when he was still in his teenage years. Since then, he has travelled to various countries establishing connections with graffiti communities all around the world, before finally returning Japan. Upon moving his base back to his homeland, snipe1 has dedicated himself to being a missionary for Japanese graffiti culture, contributing to the rise of the culture through his various efforts in the underground. snipe1’s graffiti draws upon the sensibility of street culture but incorporates an edge of “dirtiness” that lends to an unmistakable individual style. By pushing the boundaries, he continuously dares to toe the danger of breaking stereotypes. In recent …

Yoshitomo Nara at KaiKai Kiki Gallery - Photo report

Today, Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara announced an upcoming solo exhibition to be displayed at KaiKai Kiki gallery. Nara will present drawings from the last 30 years at the gallery space in Motoazabu, Tokyo and during Art Basel Hong Kong. Among the works is “So…how can you tell me you are LONELY?” which depicts the artist’s iconic anime-inspired character of a young girl with emotionally telling eyes. The new exhibition will offer a detailed look into the artist’s world, specifically the period during his voluntary isolation from the public eye.

Meanwhile, 2018 marks KaiKai Kiki Gallery’s 10th anniversary, creating a unique energy to predicate the art exhibition. Take a look at the announcement below and be sure to view Yoshitomo Nara’s “For Better or Worse” presentation.

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Tomoo Gokita : 40 Pesos @Taka Ishii Gallery (タカ・イシイギャラリー)

Tomoo Gokita new's painting : 40 Pesos at Taka Ishii Gallery in Roppongi, Tokyo.

TORU KUWAKUBO “A Calendar for Painters Without Time Sense 1. 3. 4. 5. 7. 8”

TORU KUWAKUBO “A Calendar for Painters Without Time Sense 1. 3. 4. 5. 7. 8”

Tomio Koyama Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new work by Toru Kuwakubo. This is the artist’s first exhibition in four years.

Toru Kuwakubo started his artistic practice with a theatrical approach, finding the figure of an imaginary painter within himself as a means to explore contemporary art through the medium of painting. His unique expressions created by a classical technique of layering thick oil paint to depict contemporary imagined sceneries reminiscent of the work of Van Gogh, have received acclaim both internationally and within Japan.

Toru Kuwakubo’s Ultimate Homage Painting Dedicated to the Lives of the Painters He Respects

This exhibition features Kuwakubo’s “Calendar Series,” in which he depicts the respective lives of the painters he respects: Picasso, Vermeer, Ensor, Cézanne, Seurat, and Gogh. He paints these painters’ studios as imaginary, spectacular spaces of alternate dim…

Hernan Bas - Insects from Abroad @Galerie Perrotin Tokyo

Perrotin Tokyo is proud to present “Insects from Abroad,” an exhibition of recent paintings by the American artist Hernan Bas. The exhibition is the artist’s first exhibition in Japan and his sixth exhibition with the gallery. Hernan Bas was born in 1978 in Miami, Florida, where he grew up and began painting. He currently lives and works in Miami and Detroit. Inspired by 19th century Decadent writers such as Oscar Wilde and Joris-Karl Huysmans and painters from the French group Les Nabis, Bas creates work filled with symbolism and metaphors. The paintings fluctuate between the past and present, and between the pictorial convention of landscapes and abstract color fields. Historical and mythological narratives are created with baroque colors and decorative motifs set in romantic landscapes. The languorous and melancholic young male subjects appear suspended in time, between adolescence and adulthood embodying the fragile in-between state that the artist refers to as “f…