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Mike Lee : wicked artist

Mike Lee was born in 1983 in Placentia, California and is currently living and working in New York City. He is a visual artist and he received his Bachelor degree in Fine Arts from Otis College of Art and Design in 2006. Since graduating, Mike has worked for various film and commercial studios and has built up an impressive list of clients, which includes: Blue Sky Studios, Psyop, LucasArts, Buck and Hornet. Alongside his commercial work, Lee finds the time to devote to his own personal artwork and often exhibits his highly meticulous figurative drawings at prestigious galleries throughout the US; earlier this year he took part in a two person exhibition at GR2 Gallery. Lee is also an active member of RVMP, a collaborative art group featuring Robert MacKenzie (interviewed here), and brothers Vincent and Peter Nguyen. In 2012, Mike self-published his first book, entitled ‘Bodega’, which revolves around the everyday activities of an urban corner store; each hour is represented in i…

Tomoo Gokita: Peekaboo exhibition @Tokyo Opera City 2018

Known for his works which use collage-like techniques, Tomoo Gokita has been making waves at both the national and international level, with exhibitions at Tokyo's Taka Ishii Gallery and New York's Mary Boone Gallery in recent years. At this latest Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery number, the focus is on his new paintings and drawings, all made since the year 2000. The most typically Gokita-esque work here might just be the large-scale installation, which incorporates over 800 small drawings.

Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery
3-20-2 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku
11am-7pm (Fri, Sat until 8pm) / closed Mon (Tue if Mon is a holiday)
April 14 2018 - Sunday June 24 2018


Check André's studio in Chinatown, NY. Lovely !

【フェア】『みんなの恋愛映画100選』刊行記念 長場雄展「LOVE」

ご好評につき、会期の延長が決定いたしました! 3月25日(日)まで延長いたします。 このたび代官山 蔦屋書店では、『みんなの恋愛映画100選』刊行記念、 イラストレーター長場雄さんの展示「LOVE」を開催します。 『みんなの映画100選』に続く第2弾となる本作では恋愛映画にフォーカスし、100本の恋愛映画を紹介しています。 Instagramにも掲載されていないオール描き起こしとなっており長場雄の新作作品集でありながら、 ライターの山瀬まゆみ、小川知子、中村志保による軽妙な映画の解説によって 読み物としても楽しめる1冊になっています。 本展示では、今回の個展に合わせて制作された作品の展示のほか、 本書の中のイラストが動き出すモーショングラフィックスの映像展示、 『みんなの恋愛映画100選』のために制作された新作オリジナルグッズの販売を行います。

Keith Haring's artworks at Tokyo Art Fair

Check thos nice Keith Haring's artworks at Tokyo Art Fair 2018.


The 2018 edition of Tokyo art fair in Marunouchi was great. Many cool galeries from Asia and the rest of the world.