André Saraiva : MR A BALLS by Medicom

Swedish-French artist André Saraiva is known for his bold, logotype-style graffiti tags around Paris and his widely popular “Mr. A” figure. The signature cartoon character, who is recognized by its “X” and “O” eyes and wide grin, now arrives as a VCD (vinyl collectible doll) at Medicom Toy.

Coming in two colorways of classic black & pink and pink & white, these vinyl collectibles measure135 millimeters (about 5 inches) in diameter and come in at an affordable price of ¥7,800 JPY ($70 USD) each. Those in Japan can pre-order André Saraiva’s Mr. A Ball VCD now until December 10, with expected shipping in March, online at Medicom Toy’s website.

Text from Hypebeast
Photos JumpJumpTokyo

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