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The Takashi Murakami New Merchandise 

Oz Zingaro has released the new Takashi Murakami merchandise on June 7th.
This time, Kaikai, Kiki, Panda, and DOB, the 4 adorable characters are turned into backpacks and available for purchase. In addition, we’ve brought 2 gigantic Kaikai and Kiki figures into the store to welcome your visit.


Japanese art collective Ukiyo-e Project teamed up with celebrated photographers, Brian Duffy and Terry O’Neil, on two limited-edition woodblock prints that pay homage to the late David Bowie. From the classical dance-drama of Kabuki to Japanese fashion when he collaborated with Kansai Yamamoto on multiple projects, Bowie had a profound interest in Japanese culture as per designboom. Duffy’s legendary Bowie portrait from the 1973 Aladdin Sane album cover is reinterpreted for one of the prints, portraying Ziggy Stardust as a Japanese sorcerer from the Kamakura period. On the other hand, O’Neil’s capture of the English musician to promote the 1974 Diamond Dogs album inspires the second iteration that shows Bowie as an Edo Period magician named Takezawa Toji. Both works are illustrated by Ukiyo-e artist Masumi Ishikawa and will be displayed at an upcoming exhibition at BOOKMARC Tokyo in Japan. BOOKMARC Tokyo 4-26-14 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku Tokyo, Japan


The 367th Ginza Graphic Gallery Exhibition

PARCO—a retail chain that emerged in the early 1970s—transcended the parameters of a commercial establishment and became a social phenomenon. Harumi Yamaguchi from the outset participated in the production of PARCO’s advertising as an illustrator, instantly bringing her squarely into the limelight. The women she depicted—“Harumi Gals”—while comprising an integral part of PARCO’s advertising strategy, greatly inspired the women of the day, who were eagerly searching for new lifestyles. The energy of the strong, positive, lithe Harumi Gals, bursting from Yamaguchi’s canvases, even today, when their role as advertisements has long ended, continue to fascinate us as vividly as ever. This exhibition, titled “Harumi’s Summer,” was suggested by Harumi Yamaguchi herself as an event for summer 2018, with graphic artist and art director YOSHIROTTEN serving as her collaborator. The show has been …

Azusa Nozawa “Daydream of x and y” @Hidari Zingaro

Hidari Zingaro is pleaded to hold a solo exhibition by Azusa Nozawa “Daydream of x and y”

Sticker bomb refers to a branch of street-culture practices that uses layering of stickers, normally used for customizing cars and motorbikes, until the surface is no longer visible. Nozawa has created paintings by overlapping this method with the act of collecting miscellaneous small items and stickers, a popular childhood hobby for her (and many other females of her generation).

This method is used to express a distorted gaze towards sexuality. This is done by simultaneously visualizing both the microscopic sense, of adoring small objects, as well as the macroscopic sense, of increasing the level of abstraction by densely placing visual subjects together.

Boys and girls in her artworks, both a pictorial subject and a pictorial medium, appear to imply the presence of a masculine gaze. However sexual subjectivity and objectivity here become multi-layered, through the use a self-consciou…

『LOVE SKATEBOARD JAPAN ― ラブ・スケートボード日本展 ―』


今回の展示は、“ラブ・スケートボード” をキーワードに、日本を代表するスケーター、写真家、アーティストを集め展覧会を開催いたします。

AKI AKIYAMA・KATSU AKIYAMA・T19・OSAKA DAGGERS, Chopper・YOSHIRO HIGAI・ESOW・FESN laboratory Takahiro Morita・MURAKEN・HITOTZUKI・DISKAH・NAOMI KAZAMA・RYUJI KAMIYAMA・TAKAO NIIKURA・KIZM・BENICOTOY・MxMxM・CREAM GRAPHICS・ALEXANDER LEE CHANG・CORE・HYDRO Shape & Designs Kiyotaka Ando・MO3 Ryosuke Kenmochi・A24 Gomyo・Bird Creation George Kodama・matsu・ysk-q Yusuke Mukaiyama・dajac Yukine Matsuta・PARADOX Hirotton・Revel KOMI・ dig wood works・bluth skateboards Sugi・KOMJK.M.J.K.& Komi・WOODENTOY Koji Oba  GRAIN-ON SKATEBOARDS Kosuke Yamauchi・WOODBRAIN・INARI Masahiko Sano・ 順不同 協力 アディダス ジャパン株式会社