Azusa Nozawa “Daydream of x and y” @Hidari Zingaro

Hidari Zingaro is pleaded to hold a solo exhibition by Azusa Nozawa “Daydream of x and y”

Sticker bomb refers to a branch of street-culture practices that uses layering of stickers, normally used for customizing cars and motorbikes, until the surface is no longer visible. Nozawa has created paintings by overlapping this method with the act of collecting miscellaneous small items and stickers, a popular childhood hobby for her (and many other females of her generation).

This method is used to express a distorted gaze towards sexuality. This is done by simultaneously visualizing both the microscopic sense, of adoring small objects, as well as the macroscopic sense, of increasing the level of abstraction by densely placing visual subjects together.

Boys and girls in her artworks, both a pictorial subject and a pictorial medium, appear to imply the presence of a masculine gaze. However sexual subjectivity and objectivity here become multi-layered, through the use a self-conscious method in constructing an inherently pedophilic motif of girlishness.

Nozawa’s latest works that feature Japanese Boys Love as their motif vividly displays the kind of distorted gaze mentioned above. The exhibition, comprising mainly of the artist’s recent paintings, and a comprehensive demonstration of her artistic nature, is crucial within the context of contemporary society where diversity is being advocated in a variety of areas. We humbly invite you to come and experience the ingenious worldview of Azusa Nozawa, created in a uniquely distorted notion of sexuality, where subjectivity and objectivity are dissolved.

Exhibition period
June 15 (Fri)-July 3 (Tue), 2018
*Opening reception is planned to be held at 18:00 on July 15 (Fri)
*Gallery closed on Wednesdays

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