The 2018 edition of Tokyo art fair in Marunouchi was great. Many cool galeries from Asia and the rest of the world.

SPACE INVADER artwork in Tokyo Art Fair

French street artist SPACE INVADER got very famous in Asia, with the invasiosn of HK and Tokyo recently. Check his prints and tiles that were sold at Tokyo Art Fait 2018 last week.

KAWS exhibition in Perrotin Tokyo 2018


Perrotin is proud to announce simultaneous exhibitions in its Tokyo and Hong Kong galleries by the renowned and multifaceted American artist KAWS. Continuing in the tradition of Pop Art, his influential work crosses painting, sculpture and printmaking along with fashion, merchandise and toy production while drawing upon art history and popular culture. In his paintings, KAWS deconstructs his appropriation of iconic characters into forms that draw on the tradition of abstract painting.

Opening Thursday March 22 from 5pm
From March 22 – May 12
Perrotin Tokyo, Roppongi

YOSHIROTTEN Announces First Exhibition Since 2013

Japanese graphic artist YOSHIROTTEN introduces his first exhibit in almost 5 years. “FUTURE NATURE” centers around the “visualization of invisible things,” the collection will also feature a new book of the artist’s work.

About 30 brand new pieces will be on display, focusing on YOSHIROTTEN’s medium of choice: distorted digital artworks. Inspired by natural wonders like mountain ranges and oceans, the artist subverts photographs with a range of digital manipulation techniques, discoloring some images and smearing the shape of others. Installations and sculptures will accompany the other artworks, along with GASBOOK 33 YOSHIROTTEN, a new book showcasing nearly a dozen of YOSHIROTTEN’s most iconic creations.

BAR ZINGARO @Nakano Broadway, Tokyo

Check out the new art stuff from Takashi Murakami at Bar Zingaro in Nakano Broadway, Tokyo.